Sunday, April 27, 2008

Blogging is Exhausting work!!

Who'd a thunk it!!  I finally figured out a way to get my Resume somewhere on my blog!  I ended up creating another blog!  Good Gracious!  Anyway, now I have a link to it, so one more thing off my list--check it out--it's in the sidebar:)  
Next on the Blog to do list--get a gallery going!  This is seriously effecting my Scrappin' time ya know!!
So it's been a very busy weekend--Aaron ended up with 2 more ADDITIONAL practices for Hockey so lucky us was at the rink from 10 pm to midnight on Friday and then at 9 am saturday, plus his scheduled practice at 2pm that day.  Hehe--it's keeping him very busy!!  We leave for Portland Friday morning so all the practice is needed.  Then we had the family over for the Birthday dinners--finally!  Now that everyone is healthy again!  Had a great BBQ--yummy burgers:)  All that and taught two back to back classes in the Langley store--no wonder I'm too pooped to scrap!
Well I think I've had enough of this computer for today!  Busy week ahead--vet checkups, income tax appointment and more hockey.  Plus got to get some packing in--oh and check the Target flyer online--don't you just love shopping in the states--Oregon has no tax so I need to check out the flyer and see what I can bring home!!
blog you soon
p.s.  while I was doing all my research for the resume, I came across this today,  CardMaker.
I'm the featured designer and I didn't even know it:)  They're older cards that they published quite some time ago in one of their books, but I guess they liked them for a spring project!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


That's what we will be eating, sleeping and dreaming for the next few months.  Both Aaron and Justin play Roller Hockey weekly but Aaron tried out for the Rep team and made it!  That was a huge accomplishment for the Spring Hockey season as all the Ice Hockey guys come over and play--there were 60+ kids trying out for only 30 spots max.  Aaron made the West Coast Warriors and will now be competing in a bunch of tournaments over the next few months.  Our first tournament is next weekend in Portland, Oregon.  That should be a fun one and at least we can drive to it--it's only about 5ish hours away!  After that we have a local NARCH tournament in Langley and then we will be going to the Provincials in Victoria at the beginning of July.  From there, who knows!!  There are a few other tournaments but they are much further away (San Jose and Ontario) and that will depend on how well they do.  Aaron's team is pretty much the same team that he went to Anaheim with in January and they are a pretty good group of guys. Here's a couple of pictures from the Narch tournament we went to in Anaheim--Justin was on a Warrior team there as well.  

(Finally I got the picture where I want it--yippee me and thanks Trish:)  I didn't know I had to go into HTML though, I had kept trying to cut and paste all night yesterday!!)
So, back to Hockey.  Aaron had a game tonight, he has a two hour practice tomorrow, Justin has a game Thursday, Aaron has another practice Saturday and then we start the week over:)  I'm not really that busy anyway:)
Well, it's pushing bedtime for me tonight--I have to work all day and then I'm teaching a page layout (Beautiful Rhapsody) tomorrow night in our Coquitlam store so it's going to be a long day!
Here's the card I was trying to post yesterday--it's one for my Upcoming Card Class, "Crate Expectations"  It is also fitting as a Thank you to everyone that has helped me get this blog going!
night night

Monday, April 21, 2008

OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:) lots of people who know me, now know this BUT seeing as I haven't "officially" announced it on my new blog, I will!!
I'M GOING TO THE CARIBBEAN!!  But the BEST news--I'm TEACHING on a cruise going to the Caribbean!!  Now how cool is that!!!  I was chosen from a lot of amazingly talented Canadian applicants to teach on the Crop and Cruise Scrapbooking Cruise for Canadians!  We set sail On Feb 21, 2009 and I'm joined by the most talented scrapbookers EVER!!  Allison Orthner is our host extraordinaire and my fellow instructors are Leica Forrest, Jill Hildebrand, Trisha Ladouceur, and Kathy Thompson Laffoley.    (I still need to find Jill's blog--sorry Jill!!)  
This is a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow scrapbookers from all across the country and get to scrapbbook in paradise--and I thought my scrapbook room was paradise!  Honestly though, this is a true dream come true for me.  I am very passionate about teaching, and love sharing this incredible hobby with people, so I can't wait to be a part of something so big!  Not to mention it is the perfect time of year--who doesn't need a winter break with some hot sunshine!  I've heard the cruise is already about 50% sold out so don't wait to book--you do not want to be left standing on the dock!  (can you tell how excited I am--lots of !!! happening!)

So If you remember my last post, I had two boys down with the flu.  They're all better now and back to running in 18 different directions.  Me on the other hand, not such a good weekend:(  I ended up getting the flu Saturday night and spent most of the night in the bathroom and the rest of Sunday either in bed or on the couch.  I hate throwing up:(  Thankfully, it was a fairly quick flu and I lost a couple of pounds:)  There's always got to be a silver lining if you look hard enough.
Well that's it for today.  I was going to post a picture of a card in my upcoming class BUT blogger rookie me needs to figure out how!  It keeps putting the pictures at the top and I want this one at the end.  oh well, another day, another blogging query!
til later

Friday, April 18, 2008

Zooming towards the 21st Century!!

or not!  so this blogging thing is up and running...kinda!  Everyone said this would be easy but I find it a little stressful!  Could be the perfectionist in me:)  I'm sure it will be much easier once I get it the way I want and stop over thinking it!
So...Let's start with today's ponderings.
I was woken up by Justin at 1 am this morning. (actually Geordie was woken up--I heard him but apparently only in my dream)  Yup--he seems to have the flu for the second time this season.  He started throwing up--luckily he's real good at that and seems to handle it a lot better then me.  He was up and down the rest of the night, but you know as a parent that you never really go back to sleep when your child is sick.  Well at 5 am I heard noises downstairs, so off I go and find Aaron in the downstairs bathroom--yup he's sick too!  Now we have two throwing up kids:(
The sad thing is today is AARON'S 15TH BIRTHDAY!  How sad is that!  I feel awful for him--he hasn't got out of bed all day.  (On the bright side, he got the day off school.)  So much for our birthday celebrations today, we'll have to plan something another day when everyone feels better.
It's also my brothers birthday too!  Aaron was born on Scott's 21st birthday which was kinda cool.  So HAPPY BIRTHDAY boys!
It's been a super busy week on top of everything! We finally got our carpet in the basement done today!!  Yippee!  It looks great and I'm excited for the Pool Table delivery on Monday morning!!  Finally our basement is almost finished!  It's been a long haul but Geord has done an amazing job and it is going to be super when everything is set up.
I taught two card classes at work this week--Wednesday and Thursday.  They both went very well and everyone was excited and congratulated me on my big news! 
I'll fill you all in tomorrow--I need to leave something to talk about tomorrow!  
hehe, night night!