Monday, February 16, 2009

One last thing before I go...

Yes, I'm ready to embark on an adventure of a lifetime!  Who ever would have thought that I would have been chosen to teach on the Crop and Cruise.  Eleven years ago when I started this amazing hobby, who ever would have thought I'd make it my career and my passion?  I look back at the super cool things I've done, companies I've designed with and magazines I've worked with, and think that I have been truly blessed to be doing what I love.
So bright and early tomorrow morning I'll be heading to Florida!  After a few relaxing days, I'll be meeting up with my team and the croppers to set sail to the Eastern Caribbean!  In true Deanna fashion, I still have a ton of things to do today--I guess I work best under pressure so I'm not really procrastinating, just working with my strengths!

Here's the card I promised--it's the last card of four in the Sugar and Spice card class at Clipper Street.  I'm using the awesome KaiserCraft again and this is BRAND NEW!!  They sent me a sample from Australia to create this card, so we don't even have it yet!  The line is called Spirograph and I'm loving the colors--very tropical, I'd say! 

I used the Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist on the flowers again--I love this look and it is so easy to do!  Click on the photo to see the glimmer--yummy!

Well I really must get ready to head off to work--I'm not on vacation yet!
To all the wonderful people coming on the cruise--can't wait to meet you all and thanks for all your emails!
Carole--I'll be thinking of you and wishing you could have come too--maybe next time;)

Bon Voyage!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


yes, the countdown is on and I think I have most things under control--what I CAN control anyway:)  We leave for Miami really early Tuesday and will be traveling most of the day.  The kitting is done, the product is packed (in MANY suitcases) and now I just have to get the clothes organized.  I thought I'd have that done by now, but a few things got in the way (like American Idol and Survivor!  yes I am a reality show junkie!!)  Unfortunately I only have one more day off work before we go so I better get my butt in gear!

I did get some amazing news from Making Memories a couple of days ago!  The two SLICE machines that they gave me to use on the Crop and Cruise will be given away on the last night!!  TWO lucky cruisers will get their very own SLICE machine to take home with them--I like that kind of souvenir!!  We'll be coming up with some fun ideas to give everyone a chance to "adopt" one:)

So I'm going to keep this short and sweet tonight as I've had a full day!  I wanted to share card #3 of my new class "Sugar and Spice"  This card features the AMAZING KaiserCraft product--I'm in love with them!  I've kept this one a bit simpler as the other 3 cards will take a bit more time and I don't want to run over too much:)  
This is such a cool line and I love the technique that I will be sharing with you all--I think that you'll use this one over and over!

Let me know what you think! 
I'll post the final card before I leave--it features BRAND NEW KaiserCraft! (Seems I can't get enough of them lately:)
Spots are feeling up very fast and as of today, they are now posted in both the Langley and Coquitlam Clipper Street stores, so call soon to register!
Also--don't forget to check in on the Crop and Cruise Blog for lots of updates!


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Suitcase Day!!

So today is the day I'm going to drag out the suitcases and see what will fit for the cruise!!  I have sooooo much stuff to bring and probably 5x more is being shipped directly to Florida (thank goodness!)  I've shipped two boxes off to Allison to bring (thank you so much!!!) and two of my amazing students have offered to bring down some stuff for me too! (thanks Melanie and Carrie--I'll have a little "something something" for you both!!)  Truth be known, I could probably pack 90% of what I am taking now anyway--it is highly unlikely I'll be wearing tank tops and shorts around here in the next two weeks!!!  Maybe I'll throw them in the wash and freshen them up and pack!
Geordie and I will be flying out on the Tuesday the 17th and spending two fabulous days together before hooking up with the Crop and Cruise group.  I am so very excited about this--I love spending time with my best friend and as much as I enjoy "family" trips, I also love having him all to myself with no routines needed!  We are planning on heading down and exploring the Floriday Keys for two days!  Having never been to Florida, this has always been an area that I wanted to go and I'm super excited to be able to squeeze in this pre-cruise road trip!  I was getting really worried a couple of day ago as the hotels in Key West are SOOOOOO expensive!!  We actually thought about reworking our plans--I couldn't find a hotel that rated more then 3 out of 5 for under $350!!  (I'm a tripadvisor junkie and the writeups were NOT comforting!!)  Anyway, we did a bit more research yesterday and found this absolutely amazing deal in a place called MARATHON.  It is dead center in the keys--the Atlantic Ocean on one side of the road on the Gulf of Mexico on the other!!  (I know this picture is an ad--but I likey!)

You should be able to click on the above picture and see where Marathon is in the keys!
Anyway, back to my lodging crisis!!  Someone was looking over us because we found this absolutely beautiful place to stay!  I hadn't checked it out before because tripadvisor and expedia said the average price per night was $550!  I went to their website, and found out the have a "spring special" and we got it for only $199!!  It is a whole house!!  You have to check out these pictures--they are so cute and it looks like a little piece of heaven!  Follow this link to Coral Lagoon and click on resort pictures on the right--how darling!   Not only that, but we have total access to their sister property, Tranquility Bay, which is less then 5 minutes away. 
So needless to say, I'm thrilled:)

I'll be teaching the last class of "Dee-lightful Designs" this Saturday in our Langley store--can't wait!  We have 48 people signed up and we are going to have a blast!! Signups for my new card classes in March and April having been doing great!  I'll have the samples up in the store in the  next few days, and here is the second sneak peek that I promised!

This card features the brand new My Mind's Eye and I love the color scheme--especially the little journal card--how adorable!

Well I better get off the computer and get organizing--before I go though, I need to announce the winner of my little contest from my previous post!!  I drew the name this morning and....

Tina-Marie you are the winner!!! I'll be in touch over the next couple of days and will be sending your goodie bag to the Coquitlam Clipper Street store for you to pick up! Thanks to everyone for playing along--that was fun and we'll have to do that again:)
thanks everyone and we'll chat soon!!