Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas!

And it looks like my dream may come true!!!  Holy SNOW!!!  We have been dumped on and more is expected!  Here in Beautiful British Columbia we don't get A LOT of snow!  Usually only one or two light snowfalls a year and it is gone in a day or so.  We get more "liquid snow" aka RAIN!!
Here's a few pictures from last night!

Kasey is NOT enjoying the snow as much!

Justin, on the other hand is thrilled to get a SNOW DAY! He built a snow fort in the front yard and a little toboggan hill!

We're in for more this week too! Driving was a bit challenging (yes, I got stuck in front of our house!) but the main roads are "okay"! So looks like the first white Christmas in over a decade!!

I was sent a very cool link to a Santa Video message for kids and I wanted to share with all of you that have little ones!! It is super fun, and really easy and quick to do. Santa will email your kids and they will LOVE it!! Trust me--Justin was so excited and a little confused as to how Santa had his picture in his book! Follow the link and surprise your kiddies and then let me know what they thought--I'd LOVE to hear from EACH OF YOU!! Here's the link
A special Thanks so my good friend Bobby Jo for sharing it with me!! Don't forget to let me know what your kids think!!

I'll leave you with a quickie Christmas card that I taught this past semester. Sorry--no time for new cards at this time of the year!!

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Look what Santa left!!!!

I think I'm on SANTA'S "good" list!!!  Check out all this amazing product under my Christmas tree from CRATE PAPER!!

The two cardboard boxes in the background are also FULL!!!

Isn't it just BEAUTIFUL!!!

This is the product for the "TECHNIQUE TREASURES" for all the croppers on the CROP AND CRUISE!!  Can you believe it!  Each cropper will get one of each of these amazing products from Crate Paper's Prudence Collection--A retail value of almost $20 per person!  For your make and take!!  You will have so much product left over, you'll be doing the happy dance!  Not to mention a ton of layouts and cards!!

So now my biggest  problem is HOW the heck am I going to get all of this to Florida???  I somehow don't think that these boxes will fit in my suitcases!

Maybe I can borrow Santa's reindeer:) other Crop and Cruise News......MARVY ROCKS!!!  A huge thanks to my friends at Marvy--they are spoiling you ladies like CRAZY!!  You will not believe what they have donated to EACH AND EVERY one of you!!!  (Steve and Gary, you guys are AWESOME!) Here's a sneak peek to help you guess.......

A special Thanks also to CLIPPER STREET SCRAPBOOK COMPANY, for teaming up with Marvy to put the icing on the cake!!  You ladies will not be disappointed!

So life around here has been Crazy busy which is to be expected the week before Christmas!!  Every year I promise myself to be more organized and have all my shopping done in November, but that never happens.  I never really get to "enjoy" the holidays!!  The kids are excited and Justin keeps revamping his growing wish list!  Aaron is keeping busy with Hockey, school and the Christmas dance:)  no stress there!  
I am excited for Sunday--it's our family's traditional Christmas Brunch at Newland's Golf Course--oohhhh sooooo much food!!!  and yummy!!  Santa even arrives via Helicopter!!  Although that may not happen this year--we are in the midst of a cold freeze and it is suppose to get colder and be snowing this weekend!  What the heck--we rarely get snow!!!  I honestly can't remember the last white Christmas--I think I was a teenager (okay, so not that long ago I guess!)  
So to add more mayhem to the last week before Christmas,  the boys are in a big Christmas Hockey tournament this weekend! We could end up with as many as 10 games between the two of them.  We're really hoping this doesn't effect our breakfast on sunday--I'd hate for them to have to eat and run.  Keeping our fingers crossed:)

Well that is enough rambling for today (guess I made up for the last month!)  I will however leave you with one more YUMMY Crate Paper project--this is one of the cards in my new upcoming classes at Clipper Street (Jan 12, Jan 31 and Feb 7)  The class is called Dee-lightful Designs and they are almost SOLD OUT!  
Let me know what you think!!

I've got a few more cards to share, but that will have to be for next time--I've got to get these boxes out from under the Christmas tree before hubby gets home!!!!!!!