Friday, August 29, 2008

Crop and Cruise Blog Giveaway!!

Who doesn't like giveaways??  Especially when it is for some cool product from Tattered Angels!!
So how do you get a chance to win some of this awesome stuff??  Check out the Crop and Cruise Blog and answer the question--that's it!!  But do it today--the contest closes on sept 5th!

Now if you haven't played with the Glimmer mists--what are you waiting for??  It is super fun and kinda addicting to say the least!  You can stop by one of the Clipper Streets for a demo or buy it here--but don't blame me if you NEED all the colours:)

happy weekend!!

As summer comes to an End......

So sad.  The Labour Day weekend is upon us and to me that always signifies the end of summer. September is usually a beautiful month, warms days, crisp nights and the feeling of starting fresh. I've always felt like September was the start of a new year, almost more so than January!  The kids will be starting school on Tuesday and both are more then ready to go back--I think they secretly like routine!!  And Hockey--yippee!!  That starts next week and we are all looking forward to that--although I say that now, I'm sure after a month of being at the rink for 4 days a week, I'll be feeling different:)
So what's new in the Crop and Cruise world??  LOTS!!  So much is going on and it is sneaking up on us very fast--less then 6 months away!!  We have a very busy fall schedule across the country, with each featured instructor hosting their own Sail Away Crop in their home town!  I'm super excited to be teaching three classes in Edmonton on Oct 3 and 4th at Trisha's event.  As well, Leica and Allison will also be there--what an incredible line up of teachers, classes, and fun events!!
Tickets for this amazing event are on pre-sale right now thru Trisha's blog, and will be available at two Edmonton stores, Treasured Memories and Scrapbook Memories and More, starting Sept 1st! 

On another note for the local gals!!  Classes at Clipper Street have gone crazy!!  I can't believe how well they are doing for our Sept/Oct schedule and we already have a TON that have sold out!!  Check out the online newsletter, or pick it up in store--don't delay in signing up or you may find your favourites are already gone!!  My card classes are doing great and we are already sold out of one and only have a couple of spots left of another in the Langley store--we can only take 48 students per class, so check out the newsletter and call the stores today!

Have a great Labour Day weekend!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Edmonton Bound!

Happy Sunday everyone!  What a beautiful weekend we are having--I think it is even more beautiful because I actually have a weekend off of work--woohoo!!  I spent yesterday afternoon lounging in an inter tube in our pool, reading scrapbook magazines!  How is that for a lazy summer day--I never, ever do that!!  It was very hot yesterday--our thermometer reached 37 degrees (99 Fahrenheit!)  I really should have been scrapbooking, seeing as I always complain that I don't get too, but it was just too muggy in the house.
The boys had a blast cooling off in the pool too!

So I have some very exciting news to share!!  I'm going to be heading to Edmonton on October 3 to teach for two days!  This is Trisha's Sail Away Fun Crop weekend and it is going to be awesome!  Two full days of cropping, make and takes, door prizes, contests, not to mention some amazing classes will be offered!  Leica will be there as well and I've also heard rumor that Allison could be joining us too--how fun will that be!!!  This crop is open to everyone and anyone--you don't have to be going on the Crop and Cruise--although we would love you to join us!!  Come and play with us and have a tropical break this October!  
p.s.--for my local gals--I got airfare out of Abbotsford for $79 each way! (plus taxes)  Check your airmiles too--it is low season so this is an affordable option and I guarantee you that it will be a fabulous weekend!  side note--there is no provincial sales tax in Alberta--woohoo!
Trisha will have all of the info, registration, etc on her blog next week and they are anticipating this to sell out quickly!  Especially the classes as there is only room for 40 per class.  I will be teaching 2-3 classes--a Christmas card class, a gift card enclosure class and possibly one more project class!  
This is one of the cards we will be making

I will also be teaching this card as part of my Quick and Easy Christmas Card class at Clipper Street in September and October.  The classes are filling up VERY quickly--I think the Sept 22 class in Langley is almost sold out already!  The dates for my class are Sept 22, Oct 14 and Oct 28 in Langley and Sept 27 and Oct 29 in Coquitlam.  You can either call the stores to sign up or you can do it online.
Well that's all for today--time to go enjoy the Sunny Sunday!  

Friday, August 15, 2008

Sail Away FUN!!!

Wow!!  What a fun time we had last weekend!  I think I'm still recovering and trying to catch up on the lack of sleep!!
Our weekend starting on Friday morning with Trisha flying into town to spend the weekend with me.  Clipper Street was fortunate enough to have Trisha come and teach her very cool Clear Album class at the Langley store! We did a bunch of running around on Friday--including a drive across town to get the "just arrived" glimmer mist from some warehouse!!  What we don't do to get our mists:)  

Thank Goodness for Roxy (my GPS)--I'm SURE we would have got lost!!
That night Trisha and I stayed up late (way to late!) and played!! Actually we were suppose to be working on a make and take (which we did do) but mostly we played--until 2:30 in the morning!! 

Up bright and early the next morning and off to Clipper Street for Trisha's class.  Now, this chick has got talent and her class was awesome!  We had over 30 students join us for a full on class that everyone loved!  It was so cool to see how many variations of the same book--everyone made it personal and had tons of product to work with!  The classroom had three different stations each featuring a different technique to play with--glimmer mist, paint and flocking and stamping.

After Trisha's four hour class (!) we emptied out the classroom and started decorating and getting ready for our Sail Away Fun Crop!  This is a crop that is designed for everyone and anyone wanting to come and have some tropical fun with the Crop and Cruise's top instructors!! Both Trisha and I are VERY honored to be teaching on this amazing cruise in February and we wanted to share the fun and excitement at our crop night!

We loved to see all of our customers dressed for the occasion--way to fun!!

Lori and her daughters joined us--loved their outfits!  too cute!

Sheila totally dressed the part and won first prize in our best dressed contest!  You should have seen her very cool vintage suitcase too--I had to keep Trisha from wanting to alter and glimmer mist it (although that would have looked cool!)  Sheila even brought her own palm tree and drink!

Isabel and Diane are joining us on the Cruise--yippee!!  These two ladies are crazy fun!!  They even brought their own ship to the crop!  These two looked like this just stepped off the love boat and had the cutest matching outfits!  They were also the lucky winners of the 50/50 draw!  
Evelyn was one of the cutest hula girls I've ever seen!  She had a great costume, complete with a pineapple that she later cut up and shared with everyone--yummy and juicy!!

We had tons of door prizes, a make and take, pizza and refreshments, including my signature punch!    We didn't get home till almost 1 am and I think hit the sack at about 3am!  Now you know why I'm still catching up on my sleep!  But after all, isn't that what a girls weekend is all about?
Special thanks to Clipper Street for giving us the space and Cathy and Heather for helping us out--you guys rock! A huge thanks to Trisha for running the make and take and helping in every which way--I owe ya girl!
Stay tuned for some exciting news---tomorrow!
eta--check out Trisha and Leica's blog for more pictures of the event!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

This, That, and a bunch of other things!

It's been a CRAZY last couple of weeks!  The time has just flown by and I'm kinda sad that it is already August!  I love my summers, although they are never the "lazy days of summer", and they just go way to fast!  Tons of things to catch up, so let's get started!

Empty Nesters
So my baby birds have grown up and left the nest yesterday:(  
I have to admit I'm really sad to see them go!  The two babies hatched on July 22 and they were so tiny.  I peeked in on them every day and mama and daddy were pretty good about letting me water the plant and check on them. Sometimes they did a bit more squawking then necessary, but mama seemed to be okay.  I also gave them some bird food on the railing after I bothered them, so maybe she got trained!!  Here are a couple of pictures of them--it was really hard to take pictures because the plant covered them up pretty good and I didn't want to use the flash and bother them more!
This picture was taken at 6 days old:

This picture was taken on July 30th, at 8 days old:

So yesterday, I went to water the plant in the afternoon and they were gone! Geordie and I looked around and found Mama and the babies flying around between our house and our neighbors.  I thought for sure they would go back to the comfort and coziness of their nest last night, so after dark I got on the ladder with the flashlight--I wanted to make sure they were "tucked in for the night" and they weren't there:(  guess they don't need it anymore.  I got up this morning and had coffee on the front porch and nothing, no chirping, no nothing.  Kinda bummed out but happy that they survived and we got to be a part of the miracle:)

"Summer Cleaning"
So the last few days have been full of cleaning dumping and more cleaning.  We've only been in this house three years and seem to have boxes still sitting in the basement, rooms still undecorated  and little finishing touches to go here there and everywhere!  Justin has accumulated way more then his fair share and and his room needed a big "gutting'!  Two days, two huge boxes and two garbage bags full of garbage, and we are done his room!  Our basement bathroom is complete and we got a few more jobs done.  Four full days of this and I'm needing a rest!  How does a house get so cluttered??

Busy Weekend!
So I've got a crazy full weekend planned ahead!  Trisha will be arriving from Edmonton on Friday morning to teach her class at my store!  I'm super excited she is coming and hope we'll get to spend a little bit of "girl time" while she is here.  Here is the class that she will be teaching and there are only a few spots left so sign up right away--if you can't make it call us (604-514-2229) and we will put a kit aside for you!

After Trisha's class, her and I will be hosting the first Sail Away Fun Crop from 4pm to midnight!  We are going to have a super fun time and Trisha has a real cool make and take planned using the Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist!  We have a contest for best dressed, 50/50 draws and door prizes galore!!  Hope you can all make it!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
Yup--that time of year to start planning my Christmas card classes!!  My first classes are already set for Sept and Oct and filling up super fast!  Sept 22 is already OVER half sold out!  I had a class of 48 last week and everyone signed up for the Christmas Card Class so if you are interested call right away--online signup will be starting in the next week or so and then they will be all sold out! (604-514-2229)  I'm also teaching at the Coquitlam store too, so you can call them at 604-525-4762 if that is closer for you!
Here's a sneak peek at one of the cards I will be teaching.  It is using the brand new MME, Laundry Line as well as the Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist--You have got to try this!!!  I've seen a lot of versions of this card kicking around the internet and I've really liked it so I thought I'd change it up a bit and share it with my students!  It is a tri-fold card that is "held" shut with a Basic Grey Magnetic Snap!  Open the inside and I have converted it into a gift card holder!  This will be a popular card for teachers, neighbors, friends, family and co-workers!  So practical, easy and beautiful--you do NOT get the full effect of the Glimmer Mist thru the eye of the camera, it truly is stunning!!

Well I think I'll call it a day--thanks for hanging in there for this mammoth post! The days seem to get away on me and there are always so much to do that this sometimes ends up at the bottom of the priority list!
Enjoy the Hot weather!