Friday, May 30, 2008


I'm super excited to announce that MAKING MEMORIES is going to be my FEATURED SPONSOR  for my class on the Crop and Cruise!!  Yippee how exciting is that!!! Love their product and I look forward to creating some awesome projects--just wait till you see how generous they are!  With so many fun and amazing papers and embellishments available, my biggest problem now is which ones to use!  A big thanks to Jodi for all your help and support--you rock girlfriend!  I've got a few more to announce soon so STAY TUNED!!

In other "Scrapbooking news" Clipper Street has just announced it's participation in this years Crop for Kids in Vancouver and I'll be the instructor for that!  This is such an amazing cause with all money raised going to the B.C. Children's Hospital Foundation-how cool is that!!!  I taught last year and had a blast and this one is going to be even better!!  Stacey and Cory will be coming with me so be prepared for FUN!  This year I will be teaming up with Creative Imaginations and doing a project that was created by Samantha Walker for the Edmonton Crop for Kids last year. (cool note--she has the same blog as me--hehehe)  Anyway--lots of fun coming up in September!!

In Hockey news!  Aaron has a big NARCH tournament this weekend--thankfully it is local this time!  Justin didn't try out for this round of rep, thought he'd take a break, but no such luck!  When we were in Oregon at the beginning of May, his local team asked if he'd play and we thought "sure, seeing as he'll be there anyway"  Well tonight, just before Aaron's game, One of the coaches is frantically trying to find me in the rink.  When I catch up to him he says that an Oregon team "Mt Hood Thunders" wants Justin to play on their team!  Guess they are short a player and wanted to know if Justin would join them--pretty cool huh?  Seems word got out that he was a "free agent" hahaha!  Bad news is that we have to be AT the rink at 7 am tomorrow morning for their first game, followed by another game at 11:30am.  Even "badder" news is that both games are against our local team, the second against the team he played WITH in Oregon!!  All his friends are on that team and here he is playing for the US team!  Oh well, it's good practice for him and another tourney under his belt!  This Oregon team even asked if he would like to play with them in the Oregon tournaments this summer and go to San Jose!  ya no, but thanks so much for asking!  He'll be with his home team for the summer games and San Jose is not in the cards this year--tooo much going on!
Well I better get off to bed--it's going to be a very busy weekend and it's almost 11pm!
Hope all you girls had a blast at the Sex and the City premiere tonight!!!
I'll leave you with some "Tickled Pink" cards!

P.S. check out this link to learn fun facts about me:)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Where does the time go??

Seriously--how did it get to be the end of May??  I can't believe the kids only have another 4 weeks of school left and we are almost in June!  I am, however, excited that summer is just around the corner!  We had a super hot weekend last weekend (hit about 35 degrees Celsius) and we have the pool up and running now.  It's a bit chilly but Justin and his friends went in--many times! We are suppose to have good weather this weekend too, so keeping the fingers crossed!!
I however won't be seeing much of it!  Lots of exciting classes this weekend--no time for me to get into trouble!  I finally finished kitting my 100 card kits for "Crate Expectations"  This class is super fun and features all the new lines from Crate Paper--love this stuff!  Each kit is full of amazing product from Crate, Making Memories, Prima and more!  Here's a picture of the Embellishment bags that go into each kit (hard to tell there is 100 there!)

I will be teaching it at Clipper Street in Coquitlam on Saturday and Langley on Sunday.  After each card class I will be teaching the Altered Lunchbox class that I designed.  This is a super fun class with loads of ribbon--16 yards to be exact!!

Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the inside, but there are 6 file folders decorated and labeled for different  types of cards--Thank you, Birthday, Baby etc.  And the inside lid is decorated as well with many different features!  This is a fun class and makes a perfect gift!  

In Hockey news,  Aaron tried out for the High School Roller Hockey Team and made it--does he really need to be on three teams??  His poor old mom can't keep up!!  Luckily this team is just for one tournament which, yup, is this weekend!!  He has two games tomorrow night--8pm and 10pm that I will be able to watch but the rest are on Saturday when I teach:(  I really need to clone myself!!  (although some people may disagree--hehe!)

If you haven't checked out the Crop and Cruise website yet, you really must!!  Allison has put up feature bio's on each of the amazingly talented instructors that I will be working with.  Make sure you check them out and say a big HI!  There is lots of exciting news about the sponsors coming up and I am thrilled to be working with some FABULOUS ones!!  You'll have to stay tuned for the "official" announcement but I can guarantee you won't be disappointed!!
Well I think I better go finish my other duties!
til later!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cool Website to check out!

Just a quick blog today!  I came across this really fun website that I wanted to share with you all.  I LOVE fonts--especially ones that I can use for journaling.  This website is really nice and has some of my favorites!  Best of all--they are FREE to download!!  Now, I use a Mac (loooove it!) and they were so incredibly easy to download.  Haven't tried it on a PC, but I'm sure they would be fine.  Not only that, but check out the recipes--yum yum, might need to try a few.
A big THANK YOU to Amanda!
Check it out and leave me a comment as to whether you liked it and found it useful!

Also--Happy Mother's day to you all!!  Hope you got spoiled rotten--I did:)  I got a GPS system! Now you may all think what the heck?  but seriously this is something that I have wanted for awhile, but would NEVER go by one for myself.  It is too cool--it even finds all the restaurants around you!  There are so many options, it will take a bit to learn it all, but how fun!  I'm even going to take it to Florida when we go for the cruise in February!!  We are going a few days early as I have never been there before and I want to check out a few neat places.  Now I won't get lost!!   I need to come up with a name for it now--any ideas?
Anyway--I'll off to watch the season finale of Survivor:) 

Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Typical Day Off

I love my job--every aspect of it is fun and enjoyable and I work with the best people ever. Being surrounded by amazing scrapbook product and creative people all day is a dream job. I also love my second job--teaching. How incredible it is to be able to share this fantastic hobby and have so much fun doing it! I swear I was meant to be a teacher when I grew up, but life took me in a different direction and now I get to teach something that I love (instead of Algebra!) My students are the bestest and have truly become a part of my extended family. Heck, I see them more regularly then most of my close friends!! They are what makes me the best teacher I can be--I feed off their enthusiasm and excitement! I'm very grateful to have such wonderfully supportive students that are so loyal.
So when I get a rare day off from my two jobs, what do I do? Kit my next class! I'm teaching three different classes this semester (May/June) at Clipper Street, a Card Class using all brand new Crate paper, called Crate Expectations, An altered lunch box and an Extreme Teen layout class. I decided I better start on my kitting for my card class today. Now, unfortunately for me, I love layers! I have a saying in my class that "there is no excuse for a flat card". So pile on the layers, pop up the embellishments and load on the trinkets! Everyone loves a card that looks like no expense was spared! Problem is, that I do all the kitting! Which means a lot of cutting of paper--and that's what I did all day (well until 3:30 when I had to go to job #1 and work the midnight crop shift) Now this class is no different in the layers--for four cards I had 34 different cuts of paper to do! And I cut enough for just over 100 kits--do the math, that's close to 3500 pieces of paper cut today!
check it out:

Next step will be to sort all of these in the class bags--that too is a big job! Luckily I sometimes get a little (much needed) help with that:)
Then it's time to put the embellishment bags together. This class has a total of 24 items to go in the bag! This will include ribbons, brads, flowers and much more! I'll keep you posted on the pictures just for fun!
So what are you waiting for--sign up for a class today:)
got to get to bed--way to late for me
night night!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The NEED to Scrapbook!

Yup--I NEED to scrapbook. Unfortunately life is getting in the way:) If only to have a day a week to indulge myself--oh happy day! Yesterday was one of those days--strict orders to ignore the housework, the laundry in the basket, the dishes in the sink, and the tumbleweeds rolling down the hallway. A day (well till 2pm when the kids need picking up) to make a coffee and get creating in my neglected scrapbook room! I had so many pictures I wanted to work on, but chose one of my favorites of my niece, Taylor. She's the only girl amongst 3 boys and I'm thankful that she gives me reason to dabble with the girly colours! Pinks have never been my favourite, but something is a changing--and no, I'm not expecting!! (when the heck would I fit that into my schedule!)
So here's my newest layout, My Girl. Nice and simple:)

I love using chipboard!! But I didn't have the energy to glue, cut and sand this intricate pattern, so I cheated and inked it with my pink ink pad! Super quick and easy--love the way it turned out!

This is using the new Pink Paislee paper line--loving it! When I bought it at the CHA show, it was one of my favourites and I knew that I would end up doing a layout with it!! (I think I still need to perfect the art of getting these pictures to look better on this blog--you can see the detail so much better if you click on the pictures)
So one of my blog commitments is to try and get more of my work on here. I love to scrapbook but computer work is not my strongest points--I'd rather be playing then typing I guess:)

I also have to say how in awe I am of the group of ladies that I am working with on the Crop and Cruise. They are some of the most talented and organized girls--and I can honestly tell you that they are going to be giving you a cruise like no other! The planning is well underway and the excitement is building--you won't want to miss this opportunity! You guys inspire me!
well off to get some stuff done--I'll post soon!