Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Good to be Home!

Well after a long and fun week in Chicago, it's good to be home!
CHA was amazing and we had so much fun buying some amazing product and catching up with old and new friends alike! This time I was even lucky enough to squeeze in a fast and fun class with Trisha and Prima! For those signed up to take Trisha's class at Clipper Street in August--YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED! I loved the project and it was just the right amount of challenge mixed with a TON of fun product.  
I have so many favorites from the show, but one that tops my list is the new Crate Paper!  Now as most of you know,  I have been a BIG fan of Crate Paper from the very beginning.  I love all of their designs and I love them!  Crate Paper is owned and run by Lisa Parkin and her amazing husband Steve.  What is super cool about this is that the whole family helps out and works with them.  Teresa and Sheila are Lisa's sisters and the three of them are some of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet!  Crate Paper is also a GOLD sponsor for the Crop and Cruise!!  Crate released 3 new lines and my absolute favorite is Prudence--it is so yummy!!  This is the one that I will be using on the cruise FOR SURE!  I can't wait to get my hands on this and start creating--the colors are so rich and can be used for so many layouts.  Teresa and I were talking about the cruise make and takes and she thinks I should do a layout make and take instead of the originally planned card--woohoo!  How awesome will that be!!!  You guys are so lucky!  Don't you just love them?!  Here's a picture of Teresa and myself in front of "Prudence"--sorry about the poor quality of the picture--I only took my point and shoot as my Canon Rebel is too heavy to lug around the show floor!

Here's a picture of the new line--isn't it yummy!!

The other two lines are just as amazing--you will LOVE Mia and Lemon Grass just as much!  These are due in stores in about 4-6 weeks so start saving your pennies!
Well I have lots more fun and exciting stuff to share with you from CHA, but that will have to wait til tomorrow:)

P.S. For those following our momma bird story--she is still doing fine--she only has two eggs and they should start hatching in the next few days if all goes well. She's been really good about letting us water the basket--I think she's use to us now and I somehow think she knows we are trying to help her. Here are a couple of pictures I took this afternoon after I watered the basket--she's so darn cute!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

off to CHICAGO!!

Well I'm almost packed, and almost ready to go!  I'm off to Chicago and the Craft and Hobby show, CHA!  This is a huge buying show where all the latest and greatest crafting products are on display for retailers to order!  Imagine a whole week of buying new Scrapbook Product!  How cool is that!  One of the best things about the show is catching up with all the friends we have made in the industry--and this time we've even got a huge dinner party planned and I'll get to visit with Trisha and Kathy too!  Should be a blast!!  I'll make sure to take lots of pictures of all of my favourite new goodies and share when I get back.

One of the down sides to leaving is being away from the family:(  Luckily I have an awesome husband that can handle everything on the home front and family that can help when he's at work.  I don't worry about them--just miss them.  I'm also going to be away for our anniversary--19 years on Tuesday!!  Wow!  Seems these shows have bad timing some times!
While I'm away the boys, Geord and my parents will be going to Oregon for another Hockey Tournament--that is probably what I will miss the most.  Being there to cheer on the boys.  I'll be taking my mom's cell (it's a bit cheaper to use in the states) and I'll be getting regular updates for sure!!  

Yesterday we had an awesome day!  We went up to Lightning Lakes in Manning Park and spent the day hiking and canoeing.  The weather was amazing and the boys had so much fun!

Momma bird is doing well.  She's got two eggs (from what I can see) and she is in the nest a lot more.  I do have to keep watering and when I get up on the ladder, she flies down to a close by bush and sits and watches me.  She doesn't get mad or chirp, just cocks her head side to side and watches me.  When I'm done, she flies back up.  Maybe she knows I'm trying to help.  The fuchsia looked really dry today and wilted so I was worried--I don't need it to die and then she'll have no protection.  I also bought a bird feeder with their favorite bird food and hung it on a close-by tree.

Well I better get finished packing and get to bed--I need to be up in 6 hours and I like my sleep!  I thought I'd leave you with a couple of cards I did a bit ago--His and Hers Birthday cards!
Hope you enjoy them!

I'll be back in a week and I'll be posting then! Got lots of Crop and Cruise news to share so check back then!
till later

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summer Guests

Well--looks like we will have guests for the summer!  
I CAREFULLY peeked in the nest this afternoon (got me a bigger ladder!) and have a look at what I found:

Here's a bit closer of a look:
So I did some quick research on what to expect in the next little while.  What on earth did we do before the internet??  Below is some info I found on the Black Capped Chickadee bird.  Also to see some AMAZING photos, check out this site!

The female makes a soft nest bed in the nest hole, using fine fibres, plant down, and hairs, where she lays one egg a day, usually first thing in the morning,  until there are five to 10; clutches of six to eight are most usual. The eggs are white with fine dark spots.
Only the female incubates, or sits on, the eggs for 20- to 30-minute periods during the day, and for the entire night. While she is on the nest, the male feeds her, but she also leaves to look for food.
After 13 or 14 days, the young hatch. The female broods, or warms, the young until they are well feathered. Both parents clean the nest by carrying away the droppings, and feed the nestlings from six to 14 times an hour. A study has shown that feeding and looking after six to eight nestlings can so drain the parents’ energy reserve that there are times when they survive only with great difficulty.
After 16 or 17 days, the young are ready to leave the nest. They emerge clean and fluffy images of their parents. Like most other hole-nesting birds, they know how to fly by this time, although their ability increases with practice. For two or three weeks more, the parents continue to feed them, while they gradually learn to feed themselves.

So, it looks like they will be here for about a month.  I'm really hoping they don't hatch when I'm in Chicago (july 14-20)  If I figured it out right, it should be a day or two after I get back home.  I will probably worry about them the whole time I'm gone!
Well I'll keep everyone up to date on my birdies and thanks to everyone for the emails and comments!
I'll give you some creative love another day:)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Front Porch Tenant

I had a cute little surprise waiting for me as I left for work this morning.  A small little chickadee bird was running along out porch railing with a beak full of dried hay or grass.  He/she was bobbing up and down, sidestepping and coming very close to where I was standing, all the while chirping with her beak full.  I froze as I wondered where she was going with her nest material and watched.  She stared me down for a couple of more seconds and then flew up to my fuchsia hanging basket!  I thought that was odd and moved a step closer (the basket is right at the front door) at which point she flew out with her beak empty.  She flew to a closer tree and kept her eye on me till I got in the car to leave for work.  After work I was curious to find out if there was indeed a nest in the basket--after all I do need to know so I can be careful when watering!  I grabbed out the ladder and gently peaked in.  Here's what I found!

Now I guess I'll have to really watch when I water--the nest is right in the middle!  If you look real close you can see what looks like dog hair in the center of it--Geordie saw her taking that in her nest earlier in the day!  Click on the picture for a bigger view!  Wonder if we will have babies?  Anyone know if they lay eggs at this time of year?

We had a wonderful four day weekend in Victoria this past weekend.  The boys both played in the B.C. Provincials Roller Hockey Tournament.  We went over on Thursday morning and we were able to spend the day at the BC Museum and walk a bit around the harbour--hadn't been there in so long and it was a beautiful day!  The boys did well in the tournament--Justin was playing Mite AAA and they won silver!  Aaron's PeeWee team placed fourth but they were up against some strong competition, so they did well and Aaron teared up the rink!!

I'm so excited to announce the class that Trisha will be teaching in our Langley Clipper Street Store!!  This acrylic album is SO cool and there is sooo much product--you will be tickled pink with the outcome!  This class will be on Saturday, Aug 9th from 11 am to 2pm!  Three full hours!  The project features the Build-a-book by Fire and Ice designs for Prima.  The kits are jam packed with a plethora of Prima goodness as well as great product from Riff Raff Designs Hambly and Tattered Angels.  Trisha will teach you a bunch of tips and tricks for working with the clear albums and you will love the fun album you create--perfect for showcasing those great times you have had this summer!  Signups have already started, so don't be left behind!  Space is limited and you can signup online here or call 604-514-2229.
I'll leave you with just a few pictures of this "must do" class!!

Pretty cool huh!
till next time!